Running Man

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kim jong kook vs handcuffs 

well… you’re kinda strong

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pink-gangsta asked: what is this episode post/95377231268/she-just-doesnt-want-you-to-go-to-her-house?

hi! this is episode 15

she just doesnt want you to go to her house hahahaha


missing you flower boy :(

sorry gary

song ji hyo and her cussing

Anonymous asked: Whaaaaah you can play so many! :> what is your favourite piano piece to play? (Sorry for asking, just curious ^-^)

no don’t be sorry for asking! I have so many favorite pieces but I loveee mirage d’amour by Richard clayderman. i LOVE studio ghibli’s soundtracks especially from spirited away though haha

Anonymous asked: Do you play any instrument? If not, would you like to play and which one?

i play piano, guitar, flute, piccolo, and a little bit of violin haha

Anonymous asked: Your mental age? :DD

hmm i have my 6 year old and 25 year old moments :D


you guys should get to know me :D ask me anythingg. I’m so borrrreeeedd 

laughed for a solid minute at this part

when bæ winks at you

can you guess who’s who? :D


Running Man and their signature dancing routine + their mascot of disguise ;)

100% accurate

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so many things going on in this scene

song ji hyo: curious about what gary thinks of her

gary: ignoring ji suk jin

ji suk jin: disrupting a monday couple moment by adding his feelings

kim jong kook and haha: fangirling

hong seok cheon: judging you guys right now