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How cutie was this? I mean really… could not have gotten any better! lol

This part was SO CUTE. the dog just kept following him aww

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smallrunner asked: Hello! Just saw your recap post? Any episodes in general that you would like me to recap for you? :)

well, I’ve been so busy lately so I haven’t had time to find any, tell me a part that was really funny that you liked!(:

when you’re too fabulous for the others 

when you’re too fabulous for the others 

theres the idiot expression that never changes


i need a recap from previous episodes… ANY GOOD RECAPS?? :D message me if you doooo

the man with an urgent need to go to the restroom, haroro.

when you need to go you need to go

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yeah we just need 2 crabs sir… 

Song Ji Hyo : everyone’s favourite noona

song ji hyo and her boys

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running man’sinteresting version of snow white and the seven dwarfs 

Snow White, and the 7 dwarfs that didn’t want to save her 

oh they’re cute

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awkward monday couple is the best 

pranking on running man [episode 31]

smilingrc asked: from which episode is the gif you made of Jaesuk screaming? xD

I was wondering the same thing actually, sorry I can’t help you with that one! I reblogged it so I don’t know

Running Man’s 4th Anniversary

you are welcome 

introducing kim jong kook and gary’s dance style